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The Perfect Time is Now

Therapy Session


One on One Healing Moments

Your family doesn't seem to understand and your friends don't get it. When you try to talk to them, they make it about themselves. Or maybe you are nervous they may judge you in your time of need. We offer a professional safe space for you to be your true self for understanding, guidance, and healing.

$200 for 60 mins. $175 for 45mins. $150 for 30mins.


Remembering the "We" in "Us"

The heart's recognition of its counterpart is the beginning of love. Love takes effort and work at times. Sometimes we find ourselves at odds with our teammate over things left unsaid due to pain that has never healed. Communication is key in remembering the "We" in your relationship.

$200 for 60 mins.



It takes A Village

The family is the center of all life and interactions. Family bonds are important because it is our experience of interacting with others. Unfortunately, the scares of the family can cut deep. It takes a village of people who care to help the people in the village learn to love.

$200 for 60 mins.


That's What's It's Made For

   Blue Cross & Blue Shield
          United Health 

Supportive Friend
Happy College Student


Master Your Craft

•Board Approved Clinical Supervisor for Maryland & Washington, DC.
• In-person and/or virtual supervision.
•Individual Supervision $75 per meeting; Group Supervision $25 per meeting (when groups are available). 
•Grant to cover cost of 1st attempt to take ABSW Clinical exam.
•Study support for ABSW Clinical exam.

Speaking Engagements

Looking For An Expert Opinion 

Are looking for a Mental Health Doctor to speak at your next event? Do you need an need expert opinion or perspective on a topic for your next community event or gathering? Are you looking for a mental health professional to come and offer tips or advice at your local college, community center, or podcast? Dr. B and Dr. LaKeith have you covered. 

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